Artists & Galleries aren’t obsessed with mass online appeal

You leave going viral on Youtube to Cats

Your Passion

Creating and curating true originals destined for a handful of collectors.

Your Focus

Building relationships with collectors who cherish these prized artworks.

Your Challenge

The internet, the best technology ever invented for understanding people.


No one cares more about Art, Data and Technology

Our Values

Our team has helped reputation driven companies (including luxury goods makers) use data to engage with clients in high-stake scenarios.

We’ve spent years working with leading Dutch galleries to design a solution that elegantly allows all artists & galleries to build your website, networks & reputations.

Our founders met 28 years ago, at High School, and are committed to supporting the Art Community

Rahul Sriskanthan

Data Analytics

Rahul has decades of experience working in strategy, marketing, publicity and sales. During four years working in Business Strategy for the Monitor Company in London, he was trained in the same marketing methodolgy used by Cadburys and Coke. Prior to joining Monitor he worked for the British Government as a press officer, for HSBC as a stockmarket analyst and for Bloomberg News as a stockmarket reporter.

During more than a decade spent working and living in the creative hub of Hackney in East London, he was able to indulge his passion for art, and developed a lasting network of friends in the creative industries; artists, gallery owners, photographers and film makers. When not working on vPatina Rahul splits his time between making documentaries and losing arguments with his daughters.

Rahul has an Msc and Bsc in Economics from the London School of Economics.

Kjetil Larsen


For the past decade Kjetil has run a company that runs a reservation engine for apartments in Amsterdam, managing large amounts of transactions. Prior to this he worked as the EMEA manager for Ariba until it went public and before that worked for a Norwegian IT company and was a platoon leader for the Tactical Digital Communication Network in the Norwegian Army. He has also done consulting work in Oslo, Napa, and San Francisco.

Since escaping the corporate world in 2002, Kjetil has been able to spend time helping friends who are artists make their websites. When not working on vPatina Kjetil indulges in his passions for indie music concerts and Tae Kwon Do.

Kjetil has a BSc from Stanford University in Symbolic System and spent two more years at Stanford at the Master's program in Computer Science.


Our mission is to make sure specialised digital tools are available to all artists and galleries that need them, because we don't believe curation should be dominated by those with access to advanced technology.

We see a future where all artists have access to the tools to promote and protect their work that leading galleries, publishers, record labels and film studios currently have.

Our goal is not to become a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for art, or to replace the websites curators and artists already have and the web designers they work with. We don't want to promote the mass production or mass consumption of art, or to undermine the valuable role that galleries already play in supporting artists and helping art collectors explore and develop their sensibilities.

Through creating tools that enable everyone to create a "Virtual Patina," to share their images and videos, protect them and connect and engage more closely with collectors, we believe we can play a small part in creating a world that is more vibrant.